2 powerful methods to unleash your inner power to create great things

Every human being takes birth with unlimited potential.

But, with life’s experiences, most people begin to believe that their capabilities are very limited. This has lead to a majority of human beings living in utter poverty and hopelessness.

Is there a way to access this inner power and achieve great success?

Hi, this is Raghavendra, presenting to you the most revered secrets that help you access your cosmic power. And reach your all goals.

What do I teach here?

What you cannot get here on the earth, forget about it in the heaven too. I am not interested in teaching any pedantic/afterlife philosophy. All I am concerned is to help you get it here and now.

So, I teach the methods that you can immediately start using in your life. They are highly revered and practised since ancient times. They transform your lifestyle and thereby your whole life.

Currently, I am teaching two things:

  1. The Magic of Devotion (Based on Bhakti Yoga)
  2. Think Product (Based on Karma Yoga)

“The Magic of Devotion” is do-it-yourself process helping you to connect with your personal deity. On this path, you will start living a life with unlimited possibilities. People of any age can practice this method – The only need is an open heart.

This course teaches you the whole process in three steps:

  1. Understanding the science of devotion
  2. Choosing the deity that is right for you
  3. Building your career, community and lifestyle around your deity

The second one is the unleashing your creativity and building great products which in turn will build a great life for you. I have named it: Think Product.

Think Product will help you reach great heights as a sportsman, businessman, politician, administrator, writer or even a student.

It is about focusing your energy on creating a product or solution or reaching a goal.

You will learn the secrets of great masters who did it.

How this website is designed

This website is divided into topics. Each topic will have a homepage, and all related contents will be categorized like in a book and interlinked, helping you browse through easily.

How do I help you

Read through articles one by one, and ask your questions in the comments section.

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  1. Hi Sir,

    I am vishala, working in NYK as a software engineer. Concept presented by you sounds interesting. I am planning to leave my Job because I am not feeling it interesting and want to learn music. please guide me.
    Thinkproducts page not working 🙁

  2. Hi Vishala,

    Your job is giving you financial and social security. It is important for you now. But, use your free time learning music.

    Many people practice music throughout their life, but without creating something unique. When you learn music, you should focus on creating a unique product – a piece, an album, or concerts – within 2-3 years. That’s what Think-Product (https://thinkproduct.online) is all about.

    When your music makes you financially independent, then say goodbye to your SE job.

    How many hours per day can you practice music? 2 hours? Try increasing it to 4. Then to 6. (Initially, it is difficult to give more time, so your SE job is also an escape. It energizes you.)

    Choose your master (https://bit.ly/2rKtCFC). Try to emulate their work and success. Then it becomes easy.

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