The most important thing in your life

For years, I continuously studied psychology and spiritual methods to discover how anyone can be successful in life.

And I made a discovery for myself.

After all these years of study and practice, now I decided that I should start writing and share my knowledge. With that purpose in mind, I have created two websites – I have my personal blog here and another digital magazine.

Here at, you’ll be reading content that focuses on individuals, while is meant for entrepreneurs.

Here, I will begin by writing about creativity. Because creativity is a basic necessity to your and my life. You can live without doing yoga or meditation, but if you don’t start creating, then the energy within you guides you to the grave.

Understand that there’s ONE energy-form within you. Or to put it better, YOU ARE ONE ENERGY.

This energy works in multiple ways in your body and mind, but there’s ONE energy. If you use it creatively, it takes you forward in your life, but if you don’t use it consciously, the autopilot system takes the charge.

When autopilot takes the charge, it takes you backwards.

That means you will automatically start living in your past, creating nothing, and regretting.

Now it’s in your hand either to focus your energy on your present and future or fall back into the past. Because to make the energy to move in the right direction takes a conscious effort from your side.

That’s something you’ll have to do if you really crave a successful life. This is where your CREATIVITY comes in.

Creativity is not just drawing or writing some fiction. It’s an art of giving life to everything you do. And when you become capable of doing that, the world will begin to see you in a special light, with your true capability shining.

Most people think creativity is not for them. Because initially, it’s hard work.

But if you cannot take up this challenge, you’ll miss the fruits of abundance too.
But if you really care about success in your life, you’ll have to understand what creativity is and start becoming creative. Because it’s the most important thing in your life. Because life is about creativity.

And you cannot truly live without being creative.

When you start using your creativity, there’ll be a remarkable transformation happening in you:

  1. You’ll go deeper into your own being, the depth where you’ll find the causeless joy – the bliss of being you.
  2. When this bliss starts oozing from within you’ll become absolutely free – free of craving for attention and things from life.
    And when this craving stops, you’ll soon find all things you want are flowing into your life.
  3. When you start being creative, everything you do will turn into gold. Because you have that power within you. Only, you’ll have to put it in the right direction.

That’s what I have realized, after years and years of study and applying.

And there are many more benefits. Look at the most successful people around, and you’ll see how creativity played a crucial part in their success.

From today, I will be writing to you about the most powerful energy within you and how to use it to take you to great heights.

For now, you’ll have to do one thing, subscribe to this blog. I will make sure every email I send to you is valuable for you.

And you can always ask questions in the comment box.

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