5 ways premium apps power your productivity

With millions of apps and growing, app stores are like a sea now.

For every great app, there are hundred average ones, and hundred more craps on the app stores. And searching for a perfect app has become a hard and time taking task.

I have been using Android phones for about 5 years now. I used to search and install hundreds of apps from Google Play Store and try them to know if they met my requirement.

I have spent a lot of time searching for music, note-taking, productivity, news and other apps. And most of the time it was a frustrating experience. Installing hundreds of apps and uninstalling most of them – those that are half-baked, directionless and full of flash ads – immediately.

Later, I decided to buy apps and stop this tendency of scouring through the stores for new apps. Because I can keep only about 100 apps on my phone. More, it would get clumsy.

When I opted for the paid apps, I became more productive and relaxed. Here are 5 reasons why I preferred to go for premium apps.

1. Premium apps save time

When I decided to try premium apps. I just went for the premium section and chose from the listed ones, which are very less compared to the free ones.

It saved a lot of time for me.

Premium apps save time because once you started using them, you don’t look for another app in the same categories because you have already paid for one. If you were using the free app, your mind could always seek to find a better one. With paid ones already installed, you’ll console yourself to be satisfied.

If you have used Pocket Casts, you will know why premium apps are best.

2. Premium apps are ad-free

I don’t understand why people who spend so much time and energy in building something end up creating craps. Even after they know that even single apps are sold for millions of dollars.

Why anyone creates an app which pops up ads every time you begin to use it? I have immediately uninstalled such apps that don’t care for user experience. This is another reason that led me to try premium apps.

The first benefit of a paid or premium app is that it promises no ads. You will no more encounter those flashes that cover the screen immediately after you complete a task on the app.

With premium apps, no more distractions.

3. Best features come with premium apps

While free apps allow you to use some basic features, the paid apps unlock complete features they offer. For example, I use Shuttle+ for music streaming. Premium version of the app provides you folder browsing, which I use the most. Also, you will get regular updates and also the promise of immediate customer support.

Compared to free apps, paid apps are better optimized and bugs are fixed fast. Check out Dictionary app and you will know.

4. Assured future updates for premium apps

Sometimes, apps that you use for a prolonged period disappear suddenly. Sometime back, Yahoo acquired Astrid, a task management app, and killed it. This was irritating for many users, who had become addicted to it and had a lot of data saved on the app.

Premium apps usually don’t disappear randomly from the play store. Even if they do, they at least give an option to transfer data to another similar app.

So, the apps that you pay for will continue to serve you with future updates.

5. The pride of having best app

When you use a paid app, it won’t frustrate you with ads, lack of space or limited features. It simply serves your needs. Every time you use it, it makes your work easy, giving you a sense of pride and satisfaction. Such as the Yoga Studio.

A mini pride, yet it is surely adds to your proud life.

Apps with recurring payments

Though I use several paid apps, currently I am not using any app that asks for monthly/yearly payment.

One of the best but free apps I am using is Evernote. While most of my books, multimedia and writing are on Google Drive, Evernote is taking care of notes and records.

So, I am ready to make one-time payment for whatever Evernote is offering for free and some additional storage space. But, I am not a power-user that I require the premium versions (Plus for Rs.850 per year and premium for Rs.1,500 per year) of Evernote.

For my current use, I am satisfied with premium apps that I can buy with a one-time payment. So, I expect Evernote, TickTick/Todoist, and WPS Office to offer one-time option too.

Minimum apps, but best apps – even if they are paid. That saves your time and keep you more productive.

So, which are the paid apps you are using?

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