Letting go of the lonely turtle from your mind today

One evening, I was walking along the bank of the Tunga river. On the way, I found a turtle plodding through sand, towards the river.

When I reached near, I found the turtle stop moving, pulling in its legs and head. I picked it up and it appeared like an empty shell.

For years, I did the same – I always shrank my conscious back to my body whenever I faced a stranger. Have you done that too?

It is the fear of facing a stranger or a strange situation that turns us into turtles. Shrinking feels safe.

You might ask what is consciousness and what is shrinking.

Your consciousness is your awareness. At one time, you are aware of everything around you, and at another time, you are aware of only your body. In the first instance, your consciousness is expanded, while in the second, it is shrunk.

To be more clear, imagine this:

You are in an open field enjoying the green grass and butterflies fluttering around. Suddenly, a jeep comes from somewhere and 4-5 people get down. Now, you are not the same person who was enjoying nature. You are aware of the strangers – they are better built, better dressed and more active than you. You look at yourself. Your consciousness is shrunk.

And whenever your consciousness is shrunk, you feel lonely and sad.

This kind of expanding and sinking of yourself is your ego.

Whenever your consciousness contracts, it makes you feel that the people that you have excluded from your consciousness are against you. Soon those people will start acting against you.

You have not done anything to them. You think you just have excluded them. But you have abandoned them.

But, if you expand your consciousness and begin to include those people as part of you, soon you will realize that they begin to support you.

So, whenever you are afraid of any person, begin to feel that the person is a part of you. This very feeling brings makes you feel powerful and relaxed.
But with the current state, you may not easily drop the ego and accept people as part of you.

Redefine yourself and your mission

You need to redefine yourself, your purpose and the mission of your life.

Redefining yourself is about who you are, what you stand for and what makes you proud. This can be done by finding your mission and master.

A mission in your life, a dream to build something big, helps you let go of ego. Look at the people who have dreamed of building great products, they were so humble and egoless.

And there were also people, who had God as their master. They were also without ego.

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