Do you know where the best education is happening these days?

Recently, a friend was showing me an email he received for some clarification, and I saw that his inbox had 897 unread emails.

“Clear it up, you don’t know what you’re missing”, I said.

Because the best knowledge of every day for me is coming from emails.

I read at least 5 emails a day, and these emails are from experts from different fields. Not the inspirational theoretic ones, not from what’s-right-what’s-wrong intellectual propagandists.

They’re coming from people who are making dents in the universe, in their own ways. Some of them are highly accomplished entrepreneurs, successful writers and people who are highly creative. I can simply say, from masters.

For now, I will not say who is sending me these. It’s for two reasons.

  1. You may not be interested in them, or may not be prepared enough to read from them.
  2. It took me a considerable time before I opted-in to receive emails from these people. I had to decide if what drops into my email box was worth my time and temperament.

So, what I’m trying to tell is, I want you to select your own teachers.

Because they’re so valuable, maybe you’re not ready. But if you want to be ready to receive this knowledge, and make a positive impact on your life, there’s one thing you need to do immediately.

“Clean up your email inbox.”

Not tomorrow, not after some time, but immediately after you complete reading this.

Of course, there will be people who don’t even take this simple step, because it feels very simplistic for them. These kinds of people always look for miracles to happen in their life but miss the fact a minute touch is enough for an avalanche to take place.

Remember, even miracles have a clear cut way of blooming. Happening is rapid, but they begin with a negligible trigger.

Now, I’ll tell you how to clean up your email inbox. The way I have customized it for myself.

  • Over a period of time, you might have signed up for many services. They’re regularly sending emails, but you’re not opening them because they’re not important to you. Select all those unessential ones and push them to spam. This unsubscribes your email from all these services, and you’ll no longer receive another mail from them. This clears about 70% of junk from the inbox.
  • For the essential ones, create labels and archive them. This includes the e-commerce and banking emails, which are important because you’re continuing with their services. Be careful not to push them to spam. (Even if you have pushed them to spam, you can always mark them as not-spam and bring them back into your inbox.)
  • From now on, don’t sign up for any services, unless you need them absolutely.

Once you’ve done this, take the next step – the one where you sign up to learn.

Thousands of experts are using blogging as a medium to teach their skills. You can learn subjects from internet marketing to roof gardening, and from painting to bodybuilding. Not some theoretic education, but from people who are doing it first hand and making it big. So, choose the topic of your interest and then:

Google and find the blogs/websites that match your interest.

Sign up as a subscriber and whitelist their emails.

Two important points to remember here:

  1. Compared to other social media, email is considered as the best communication tool. It’s more personal. When someone sends you an email, it’s not some random social media update, but a message from an expert. On social media, you get to see every Dick and Harry spitting their opinion. On email, you choose who you want to read.
  2. Secondly, when you read an expert, you impress your subconscious mind to start thinking like an expert. This is the best part.

So, clean up your email today, and start searching for experts.

In the next article, let’s discuss the next part: the INFO DIET. With that, we’re going from mail to mind.

The way you cleaned your email inbox, you’re going to make your mind more efficient than it’s currently.

Until then,

“Learn to learn through email”


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