How to develop concentration and build attractive personality

Improving or increasing concentration is not a one-time problem. It’s a problem that you face every moment of your waking life. 

So, a one-off solution is not going to help. You need a solution that not just solves the problem in different situations, but also creates an impactful, long-term and life-changing effect. 

Here is a solution that is going to help you build a laser-like focus. So, let’s get started.

Why I’m not able to concentrate

how to develop concentration
How to improve your mental focus

It’s the most common problem people face. Some consciously think that they need to improve their concentration. But, for most people, they don’t even know there’s a lack of concentration that’s hurting their life. 

They feel they don’t have enough energy and carry a sad face.

They don’t know the root of the problem and they fight in the dark.

There’s always an unconscious struggle within.

 Lack of concentration is a problem that needs an immediate solution for everyone. 

 Students have many subjects to study, but their mind is craving to go out and play. Professionals have a lot of pending work, but they cannot put their mind into the work.

 You see here, their initial problem is not even concentrating. The real problem is getting the work started.

 During my college days, whenever there was an exam, a friend of mine would do something strange. Whenever we decided to sit and begin to study, he would open his suitcase and start cleaning it up. And it would take an hour. That was his first ritual before starting to prepare for an exam.

 And when I thought about it, I realized I also did something like that. Whenever I have something to write, I get tea, watch some YouTube or do some research on the web. And convince myself that these are all preparations for my writing.

But, they’re not. These are delay tactics employed by my mind. Are you not doing these kinds of rituals that only delay your actual task?

If you’re doing that often, consider these two things:

First, there’s a lot of unconscious actions happening within your mind. And these random actions are preventing you from focusing your mind on one action.

The second one is, your mind DOES NOT want you to find focus. (Why so? I will explain in a while.) 

This leads us to a crucial question…

What is the mind?

This question is crucial. Because if you understand what the mind is, then you’ll know the root of the problem.

First of all, understand that your mind is not you. You’re a different entity using the mind. The mind is an instrument that you use, and you are not the instrument itself.

Next, the mind is not the brain. (Yes, some people don’t know the difference.) It’s not a physical entity but an entity that you call yours.

So what is the mind? The mind is simply a flux of random thoughts.

That’s why Yogis say the mind doesn’t exist. Because when there are no thoughts, there’s no mind. 

If you ask how do you exist without the mind, a simple answer is you’re beyond your mind. When there’s no mind, when there’s no thought, your pure consciousness is operating. But that’s an ideal situation. That’s a different journey. 

Let’s get back to solving the immediate problem.

Scientists say you and I think about 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. That’s about 50 thoughts per minute. And about 1 thought per second?

I don’t think it’s that simple.

The mind is a flux, and every second wave of thoughts are moving in different layers of the mind. Some you recognize and some pass without you noticing them. You catch some of them and spend time with those thoughts — and call them YOUR thoughts.

They were not your thoughts. They were some passing random thoughts. From the moment you own the thoughts, they begin to influence your actions – both physical and mental.

Now the next question is, how can you catch only some thoughts and not all of them? Is there a pattern to these thoughts that you catch?

If you observe carefully, you don’t catch any random thought. You catch only a type of or a pattern of thoughts.

If you have a habit of thinking sad thoughts, you catch sad thoughts easily. If you’re a happiness seeker, you identify only the positive aspects of every situation.

And the thoughts that you catch depend on your personality type. The personality type you’ve developed over the years of your life.

Because you have enjoyed thinking about them, now it has become a habit for you to think only those patterns of thoughts (Some people easily catch fearful, depressing, jealous (collectively called negative thoughts…).

Power of thoughts

 Until now we discussed what is mind, what are thoughts and how individuals have their own pattern of thoughts.

Now, let’s see the power of thoughts and how they influence the world.

Basically, thoughts themselves are not powerful. Thoughts that pass through your mind are very random and contradicting in nature. (If you just observe them, they pass like waves, and behind them come more thoughts.)

Let’s see how these thoughts are random in nature. Let’s say, you think that you want a new car. If you have that one strong and pure thought, many doors open for you. You’ll find a way to get that car. 

But, as soon as you think of owning a car, there’s an opposite thought that you don’t have enough money to buy that car. Or that you don’t need that car for now. Even while you’re thinking all this, some more random thoughts are passing aimlessly through your mind.

Because of this kind of multiple and directionless thoughts, you’re not able to create powerful intentions.

When there are no powerful thoughts and intentions, you cannot create new things. No miracles happen in your life.

Also, because this random thinking has become a habit, you’ve lost the ability to focus.

Now, if you really want to develop the power of concentration, you’ll have to create a new habit of thinking.

And that begins by making efforts to understand, analyse your current thought pattern. And then choosing what you want to think.

But there’s a nature of the mind that you can use to develop new thought patterns.

And that nature is – you can bend it by choosing to think new thoughts.

And thinking those thoughts more often to make them habitual.

So, when you choose a new thought habit and work on it consciously for a few days, your mind will soon adjust itself to the new pattern. Soon, without your conscious effort, your mind will start catching the new pattern of thoughts.

For example, you want to become a singer. But, there are opposing thoughts that you don’t have that talent.

Now, you decide to create a thought pattern of you becoming a singer. (Try it as an experiment, without stressing yourself.)

Keep that desire for a few days. Imagine yourself singing. If you do that sincerely, your mind will prompt you to spend more time singing and listening to good music. 

Wherever you go you will see hoardings of music concerts on the road, music stores on the street and you will begin to notice music-related news in the newspaper and magazines. (Those hoardings, music stores and news stories were always there. But because you started a new thought pattern, they’re becoming clearly visible to you.)

Now, if you compare it with your life a few days back, you’ll find that a new life blossoming around you. And it all started with a single act of working on your thoughts.

Observe what is happening with your life from now on.

People interested in music begin to appear in your life. You will soon become a part of a community that loves music. And these people become a strength for you and your music career.

See how powerful your thoughts are?

You didn’t consciously think of a community that loves music or visualised people coming into your life. You focused on music and those thoughts created a world around you.

(This is how the Law of Attraction works. But, you don’t need to directly work with the law of attraction and force things to happen.)

I can give you more examples of how your thoughts if focused properly, can impact your life. But for now, just understand that your thoughts have the power to change the world around you.

But if you focus on changing the world, you have deviated from your purpose. Don’t worry about the results. Now, let’s move on to…

How to create thought patterns

There is one secret you need to know at this point – you don’t need to CLEAR old thought patterns to create new ones.

In the case of a blackboard, you need to rub off what is already written on it before writing something new. But with the mind, you can directly start writing new ones. The old ones will fade away automatically.

To create a new pattern, the first step is to calm your mind. There are many ways to calm the mind, like meditation, intense work and practising systematic breathing.

Once you feel you have a calm mind, start thinking new thoughts. As discussed in the previous example, start thinking about your music career.

Remember, don’t begin by thinking that you are a great musician. The Law of Attraction teachers teach this method. But it is a difficult path. It’s overwhelming and you will soon feel tired. When you’re creating a new thought pattern, start slow.

If you are trying to create a pattern of being a sportsperson, begin by watching the sport that you are interested in. Focus on one kind of game. If you want to be a footballer, for the time being, don’t watch other games like badminton or volleyball.

Start reading about the game and people who have achieved great heights in that game. That way, you’re strengthening your new thought pattern.

If you continue to do this, soon your mind will create more avenues and opportunities for you to go in this field. You become more knowledgeable than other people in the field.

And after some time, you don’t need to consciously force yourself into this thought pattern. The mind has become habituated, and it will take you further. As time passes by, you will become an unstoppable force that’s moving towards creating wonders.

Note: There is one thing I want to clarify at this juncture. When I started telling you about focusing on your interest, I didn’t tell you to – go to a secluded place or to NOT watch TV or to NOT meet negative people.

I didn’t tell you about things you should NOT do.

You know why?

Most people do it the wrong way.

Whenever people want to build focus first start by fighting with their current thought patterns. They force themselves to STOP watching TV or to STOP having junk food.

Remember what I said about the blank board?

Don’t try to erase the old writing. Don’t try to remove the old thought patterns.

Because when you try to remove old patterns, you’re actually concentrating on them. And giving them more energy with your focus. And the more energy you give them, the more it becomes difficult to erase them.

Don’t worry about the current pattern. If you are obsessed with TV, Netflix or junk food, let them be there. Just focus on what you want now. Soon you will see that your old obsessions will begin to subside.

Remember, your mind does not recognise your words. It recognises your focus.

So don’t struggle with the Don’ts.

So, how long do you need to focus on new thoughts to make them permanent?

It takes 21 days to create a new pattern.

For a lot of people, focusing for 21 days is a struggle. But see it’s a challenge for your commitment. If something is going to change your whole life, are you not willing to commit for the next 21 days?

If you fail in the beginning, start again from the first day. This way, you’re concentrating more and giving more power to yourself. And your power of commitment becomes stronger.

And the more committed you are, the more respected you will become in society. Remember how society respects committed people?

Have you not observed this? People who are illiterate, poor and those who cannot speak a sentence properly become popular leaders. How? Commitment Boss.

So 21 days.

And this is the problem with the majority of people. They lack commitment. And if you want to grow above the mass, you’ll have to commit to your self-development.

Did I inspire you enough? Now, let’s move onto the next part.

How creating a new thought pattern builds you a personality

Your personality is what you think, what you do and what you care for. This is what the world sees in you.

As long as you are entertaining hundreds of thoughts, you are clueless about what to do. You don’t know what to respect, what values to stand for. You are just a confused personality. That means you have nothing to offer to the world but more confusion.

Some people may love you and others hate you, but if you have clear thoughts and goals, the world looks at you with awe and respect.

Continuously breathing proper, uniform and intense thoughts give uniqueness to your personality.

The thought pattern you cultivate crystalizes your personality traits. And they directly influence your actions.

Some people have a crystalized negative personality. If you observe them, they always find negative sides of people, events and always complain. For them, even if great things are happening in their life, they can’t recognize them. Because they have tuned themselves to negativity.

If you have a positive personality, even on the darkest night you will be able to see some light. That’s because you have trained your mind to see only the light.

When you are that kind of person, people who are seeking the light desperately start coming to you. Because you are their hope.

Now let’s go to our primary question.

How to improve concentration? 

With everything you have read above, you have understood the following:

  • Concentration is not focusing on things that distract you
  • Concentration is not forcing yourself into something that is an interesting

Building concentration is about transforming your complete thought patterns. It’s about creating a personality for whom focusing is a natural inclination.

Now, I have a question for you – what type of methods did you practice to develop concentration? And how did it work for you?

Write your comment below.

Talk to the sky, and make it a meditative experience

Whenever you are depressed, you put your head down.

And whenever you are joyful and proud, your head automatically goes up. Isn’t it? (Observe your sports heroes and how they react in both instances).

It happens the other way too.

Sit somewhere, raising your head to the sky, you will experience a joy raising within you. Then, put your head down. Soon, all depressing thoughts begin to haunt you.

Why does this happen?

A cosmic light or prana is continuously showering on you from the cosmos. This cosmic prana is permeating your body and is keeping you healthy and happy. Whenever you raise your head, you let that cosmic prana to shower and enter your being.

But, whenever you put your head down, it stops showering on you. Then, you suddenly feel broken from this connection with the cosmos. This breaking creates loneliness, a feeling of deprivation.

So, it is always energizing to keep your head up – whether you are sitting, walking or even sleeping.

But, you can take this a step further.

Raise your head, and talk to the sky.

What to talk?

There are many things you cannot tell anyone in the world. There are secrets deep within your heart, there are deep cravings and aspirations. And there are many confessions to make. But, you don’t find anyone with whom you can share all this. Right?

Here is an opportunity. Just open your heart to the sky and speak.

Be in an open field. Sit down leaning to a tree or lie down on the grass. And begin to speak. Go on talking – even if you feel that you are talking nonsense.
The more you talk, the more trust you develop towards the sky. And the more trust you develop, the more your heart opens up.

Religiously, people make confessions with a deity form. But, this deity has a personality. Unless you trust this deity with your whole heart, you don’t open yourself up completely.

So, don’t worry about imagining a God or an angel up there in the sky. Just keep it as an unending emptiness.

As you continue to express, the pent-up emotions will start releasing. Sometimes, you may feel to cry also. Don’t resist. Let those emotions release.

Soon, you will find your breath deepening, your body relaxing, and a kind of meditativeness rise in you.

Breaking old thought patterns to create a new life

Your habits are nothing but your old thought patterns. The thought patterns that won’t let you experience anything new.

If you have failed in achieving a goal, an exam, or a relationship in the past, the thought pattern of a failure might have lingered within you, keeping you from welcoming a new success, a new relationship or a new place to live in.

The above method of talking to the sky can break such old thought patterns.

But, you need to make it a deeper emotional experience for that to happen. Give yourself completely to this act of expressing yourself.

Don’t hold anything back. Anything related to your life, anything you wanted to do or have done – all that your heart wants to express. Just let it outpour.

This may feel strange in the first few days. But soon you will know that you are connected to the sky. And you will begin to feel that whole cosmos is listening to you.

An eternal companion

As the days pass, you will build a deep connection with the whole existence. The existence becomes your companion.

This companionship dismantles all kinds of negative bondings you were suffering from. If you continue this practice for whole life, it continuously purifies you from all Karma, giving you an energy bath and keeping you fresh as an eternal waterfall.

You can just continue with this simple method and be happy.

Or you can take this companionship to a higher stage through the path of devotion.

Hate Meditation? Try these 5 alternatives (5th one surprising)

I don’t like sitting for meditation.

It is struggling to sit still, changing breathing pattern or reciting some mantra.

I used to wonder how meditation is connected to my daily life. It didn’t feel like being a part of my necessary routines.

Until I understood that life itself is meditation.

Whatever you do, do it with full care and attention, you will start being meditative. The deeper your focus is, the more joyful you become. You don’t need yogic exercises for that.

Of course, there are benefits if you practice Raja yoga. It helps you bring harmony between your body and mind. It helps you develop a positive mindset and improve your health.

But the ultimate goal of yoga is to find the cosmic bliss within. Reaching this goal through yogic exercises is arduous.

Also, not everyone can tune oneself to such methods. They are a hard journey for most.

Are tired of different meditations and feel they are not creating any juice of joy in you? Simply, try other methods to bring the same mental effects.

Here are those five methods. The fifth one may be new for you. But, that is the one method you can use for long and get long-term benefits. So, let us begin:

  1. Visualize rivers or the sky:

What do you feel when you see an ant?

Imagine a rabbit in its place. What do you feel now? Replace it with a bear. How does it feel? Then replace it with an elephant.

Does that feel some kind of expansion happening within you? Don’t you feel that with every expansion, you are getting more relaxed and joyful?

Have you not experienced a feeling of expansion when looking at a high-flowing river? How about an unlimited ocean, a sky-high mountain or an open sky?

The expansion you feel is actually your consciousness expanding.

When it happens, problems in your life begin to appear trivial. And you will feel very powerful and courageous.

Continue to feel the presence of a river or the sky, it becomes a meditational experience.

2. Listen to favourite music

There is something about rhythm that reduces your thought flow.

Listening to music lets you flow into a rhythm, and soon it makes you forget yourself. This is when you go deeper and find the overwhelming emptiness inside.

This becomes an immensely relaxing experience.

So, whenever you are listening to music, don’t focus on any other work. Be with the tune, feel the emotions. With the song getting over, let out a deep sigh of release, as if you came out of a high.

Soon, you will realize the tone of your thought process has changed. Positive thoughts started to enter in you.

Now, you can take up your important works for the day.

3. Walk alone in nature

Walking alone in nature has a similar effect as visualizing rivers or mountains.

Whenever you walk in nature, be sure you are alone. With people, you will soon start a conversation, and forget the nature around. So, be alone.

Walk slowly, looking around. Feel the clouds moving up in the sky, feel the movement of the leaves on the trees. Observe the way the insects and birds living their life.

When you observe, you make them part of your consciousness. It expands you.

Soon, you will know that you are more than the life you are living. You are in nature, you are the nature.

4. Visualize a dreamy life as happening now

We are all daydreamers.

But, most of us do not realize that daydreaming can transform our lives profoundly.

If you practice visualization methodically, you can create actual life experiences.

You can use it to overcome regrets and negative thoughts. It helps you transcend past hangovers.

To practice it properly, sit down or lie down at a calm place. Then start visualizing yourself doing something that you always wanted to do.

The deeper your visualization goes, the deeper it creates impressions in your mind. The more you do it, the more you will begin to enjoy it.

At a certain point, your visualization becomes your meditation.

5. The Magic of Devotion

One of the four major yogic methods, the path of devotion is one of the most ancient spiritual methods. It is the simplest one too.

The path of devotion, or Bhakti Yoga, helps you to connect with God and let the God function for you.

Unlike yogic postures, which need prolonged physical practice, it is a method of love.

In this method, you find your deity, connect yourself to it and begin to develop your life around the deity.

Being in the presence of your deity itself becomes deeply meditative and blissful.

You will have to try it to experience it.

How to foolproof these 8 morning habits with mission and master

Even a life’s mission cannot fully inspire you into following a daily routine — because of repeated failures, threats, and depressions. If you have a deity at the centre of your mission, supporting and leading you — then your routine becomes invincible.

A proper routine is a sure stairs to success.

But, most of us fail in maintaining a routine for a long time. You start following a routine, but within a week, it falls apart. And then you try some other method, which also fails. And this goes on.

Any method you take up, after a few days it starts becoming forced, tiresome, and dry routine, which you want to get rid off. Right?

There are two reasons why your daily routine is not becoming a natural part of your life.

The first reason is, your life has not turned into a MISSION.

That is, you are not able to connect your daily routine to a larger goal. Your energy is not moving in one direction, one higher goal in life. That is why you fantasize doing many things, but end up doing few.

You cannot reduce your body fat or build six-pack abs just because someone else has done it. What are you going to do with your six-pack abs? Act in the next superhero movie? Run a gym, or build a business around health? How is it going to help your overall life?

Your routine has to become an extension of your own personality. Unless you attach it with your overall goal of life, your routine cannot become a long-lasting one.

The second is, you have not chosen your MASTER yet.

We all want to become rulers. But there is also an innate desire for being ruled. It is easy when you have a master to report to. Right?

With most bosses and masters, you work to fulfill their dreams. But, how about having a master who helps you build your own dream? A master who can help you with your mission?

You can find such a master in two forms – one is a living master or a mentor. Another is a deity —  I will explain it to you about this in a bit.

But, before that, please go through these eight morning routines and later you will know how to connect your mission with your master and streamline your life.

Brahma Muhurta — the time to get up

There is a precise time for you to wake up if you want to make the best use of your inner potential. The ancient sages have discovered that the perfect time for you to rise is during Brahma muhurta —  a time precisely 1Hr 36 mins before sunrise.

It is the elixir time when your mind is most serene and calm. This is the time you can recreate yourself and become what you want to be. So, decide that you will not open your social media, mails or news until you complete these tasks.

Here is your ideal routine:

  1. Brahma wakes up

‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am the ultimate reality) declares Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. When you wake up from your slumber, you have returned from the deep sleep state where your pure unlimited potential exists. The potential that is untouched by your limiting beliefs about yourself.

So, when you wake up during the Brahma muhurtha, you wake up not as the person you slept the day before, with all that bad experiences and impressions, but as Brahma — the pure unlimited potential.

In your sleep, you have touched your deeper self, which is the almighty — the Brahma or Parabrahma. So, when you wake up, you wake up with an unlimited potential — that is why it is so important.

When the world is still asleep, no vehicle sounds, no humans showing up around, you will still remain the Brahma and do the most important things that build your day and your mission. That is why you get up at Brahma muhurtha — the time when you are the Brahma.

This is not the time for you to visit Facebook or Twitter or news — which again brings you back to the world, and you lose yourself.

This is the time for you to take up your morning routines.

But, when you wake up, don’t hurry towards your predefined routines. First, feel the emptiness that you have touched in your sleep. Be with that experience for sometime. And slowly, let yourself come to the world. Take a few long breaths and feel the silence inside.

2. Drink hot cumin water

Drinking hot beverages such as green tea, lemon tea in an empty stomach helps better bowel movements. I would suggest you to have a cup of hot cumin water mixed with honey for added benefits.

3. River bath or river mantra

There is a reason why people from ancient times took bath in flowing waters of rivers. River water is full of cosmic energy, also called as pranic energy or bioplasma. When you take bath in a river, that energy enters into you and refreshes your being.

Even the water you take from a well or a pond does have the same effect. But, all cannot have the luxury of a river or a pond nearby. But, there is a method of energizing the water.

So, before you take bath, recite this mantra to infuse pranic energy of river-water into it:

Gange cha Yamune chaiva Godavari Saraswati |

Narmade Sindhu Kaveri jalesmin sannidhim kuru ||

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(Meaning: I hereby invoke the holy waters from rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri to be present in this water.)

Considered holy, these rivers flow in various parts of India and are worshipped by people across the nation.

In The Miracle of Water, Masaru Emoto writes, “By holding the intention of peace towards the water, by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace towards the water, water can and will bring peace, to our bodies and to the world.”

You need to understand and recite this mantra to know the effect it will have on the water and also on you. It changes the vibration of your entire being.

Taking a cold water bath brings your mind and body out of the last bit of slumber. Traditionally, several immediate benefits of cold shower/bath are listed.

Cold water increases your blood circulation, as blood moves faster to keep your organs warm, which in long term keeps you healthy and younger. Also, it increases your testosterone and fertility and decreases the tendency of depression.

Immediately after the bath, you are suggested to invoke the divine.

4. Pooja — the divine calling

During your deep sleep, which is called as Sushupti, you are one with the all-pervading cosmic energy. When you get up, you are still connected to it. And, this is the time for strengthening that connection by invoking the cosmic divinity.

This can either be done by invoking the cosmic formless presence, or by worshipping your own personal deity.

With personal deity, you are not worshipping some stone or statue. You are treating it as r a presentation of the all-pervading cosmic entity and will develop a human-like relationship with it. As the relationship grows deeper, you will receive greater rewards.

So, immediately after the bath, devotees prepare for a pooja of their deity. (The Magic of Devotion gives you a step-by-step method to learn and practice devotion for success in life.)

During the puja or worship, you invoke the all-pervading cosmic energy, offer flowers and fruits and thank the divinity.

There is a reason behind this offerings and gratitude. When you express your gratitude towards this all-pervading power, you are not only acknowledging the best things you already have in your life, but also letting more of those things flow into your life. Through the attitude of gratitude. And with the offerings, you are connecting deeper.

During worship, a devotee recites a few mantras, which are crucial. Take this mantra for example:

Samudravasane devi parvatastanamandale                                              

Vishnupatni namastubhyam padasparsham kshamaswa me

This mantra calls the earth as mother, praises her and seeks her forgiveness for stepping on her.

And there are similar mantras that express gratitude to the sun, the rivers, sacred herbs and animals, and the ancient great men who contributed immensely to our lives.

Either you can learn mantras, or you can simply remember all those entities and energies that are causing and leading your life. A heartfelt expression of gratitude is equal to any mantra.

Just remember to thank all the people your life has been enriched by. You will know how rich you are.

5. Physical postures for mental balance — Yoga

After getting up, your consciousness slowly returned to your body through drink and shower. Now, it is time to completely return to your body and own it. Yoga and Pranayama will help you do it.

You must know that Yoga is not your physical exercise. It helps you physically but, the primary aim is to bring the stability of your body and mind and make you ready for meditation.

That is why proper focus on breathing is important during yoga. You can give evening time for your gym exercises. Now, as you want to take up several works for the day, you need to work on the stability of your mind.

Think that Yoga and Pranayama are for that. But, you can select specific yogic postures to work on particular parts of the body as well. But the primary goal is to balance your mind.

6. Recite the power word — Japa

You will be surprised to know how recitation of a word makes you very powerful. Let me explain the science behind it.

While hundreds of thoughts enter your mind every second, only a few select thoughts are allowed and entertained by it. The mind lets only those thoughts that match your current mindset. If you are feeling down or being overpowered by your past, it is simply because you are tuned to such thoughts. And your mind is allowing them because they are familiar.

Remember that even a single negative thought can disturb you profoundly.

But, there is a method to seal your mind properly so that these thoughts do not sneak into your mind — that is the science behind the method of japa.

Japa or recitation of a particular mantra or a phrase or even a word has been practised since ancient times.

It has two benefits:

  1. After a prolonged and quality recitation of japa, your mind will be able to seal negative thoughts.
  2. This repetition of a particular sound will create energy that you can use to create the life you want.

Recitation of a Japa for 10 minutes further stabilizes your mind and makes it fit for meditation.

7. Gear up your goals — Meditation

When you get up in the morning, you are returning from your Sushupti, the bliss state. But, the only difference is that you are not aware of it. When you become aware of it, you will become aware of your true inner being, which is called as enlightenment.

Meditation is a method to get back into sushupti with awareness. When you sit for meditation, your goal is to observe how you go deeper into silence. But, this cannot be practised during your daily morning routine. This can only be practised if you can dedicate yourself to it fully for months and years. Otherwise, daily meditation has a different purpose.

Another goal of meditation is to focus your mind to create the life you want, about which we discuss now.

If you are on a mission, you meditate to focus your mind on the end result of it — the having of your desired object or accomplishing your goal.

During the meditation, you hold in your mind your desired objective as accomplished and feel the satisfaction. Once you experience the tears of fulfilment, you will feel that your meditation is complete. At the end, express your gratitude towards the cosmic power or your deity for making this possible.

8. Put on the mask

This is important.

When you get up from your meditation and are ready to take on the day, never forget to do this.

Have you observed how billionaire businessman Bruce Wayne turns into Batman by wearing the mask? How his body language and voice changes? During this transformation, he not just wears a new attire, but wears a new identity – a new mission.

When you complete the first 7 morning routines, you still are a potential energy, a possibility. With this 8th step, you are bringing the immense potential within into a form, a new identity.

That is why uniforms are important — they are in a way masks that you enter into. When you wear the school uniform, you admit and believe that you are a student, and others also believe that.

Similarly, if you are a police officer, a lawyer or any uniformed professional, as long as you are wearing the uniform, you and others see you with that identity. (Also, observe how your thought streams, body language, and behaviours change with the uniform.)

So, when you get up from your meditation and are ready to get out, do this — wear the mask that you yourself and the world want to see you with.

If you want to be a hugely popular writer, just wear that mask. If you want to be a film star, wear that mask first, and go out. Whatever is your ideal — get that mask ready and enter into it.

With this new self-image, all the qualities of your new identity will flower in you. Without you entering into that mask, you will not find inner impulse or motivation to do the works that you want to do.

The mask will make you ready to be already in the mindset of success.

The missing link

Now, this routine seems perfect. But, you cannot follow this routine for long unless there is a compelling mission of life.

But, even a mission may not fully inspire you for long. Many have failed in keeping up with their missions because of the repeated failures, fear, and depression.

But, there is one thing that can keep you going even through the most intimidating hurdles — that is your deity. For this, you will have to choose a right deity, make it your MASTER, and build your mission and life around it.

Your deity is the almighty that you have chosen to guide you all through your endeavours.

With your deity at the back supporting you, and a mission leading you, your routine becomes invincible.

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