What stings me the most is the pain and helplessness I see in the people’s eyes.

And I always questioned myself – then what the sacred texts mean when they say: “You are an unlimited being!”

What is unlimited potential if you cannot even get a proper meal?

Or if you cannot achieve what your innermost core wants?

You cannot have both – Upanishads saying that “You are the God” and gods seeing helplessly as their dreams fall apart – together.

This pain has been in me for long. For years, I have researched on this pain. Out of this, I found one truth.

Which is the truth?

It is simple – Whatever you DECIDE TO PROVE becomes the truth.

Whether you decide to struggle for a meal a day, or you feed a hundred people every day – all it needs a decision.

The decision is the first step. And then paths open for you to realize it.

The pain of seeing others in pain, and a dream of helping millions surpass that pain to achieve great success – that is me.

And everything else – I studied journalism, I worked for companies like Google and Yahoo, or I studied and practised spiritual paths of the world for more than a decade, does not matter.

For me, I am that pain. And I am an answer to that pain.

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