I am Raghavendra.

I studied literature and journalism in college and university. I have worked as journalist and language specialist in companies such as Google and Yahoo.

But, my focus has always been to discover and devise methods to help human beings achieve their dreams.

Currently, I am teaching two things:

  1. Think Product
  2. The Magic of Devotion

My first teaching is the unleashing your creativity and building great products which in turn will build a great life for you. I have named it: Think Product.

Think Product will help you reach great heights as a sportsman, businessman, politician, administrator, writer or even a student.

It is about focusing your energy on creating a product or solution or reaching a goal.

You will learn the secrets of great masters who did it.

The second is The Magic of Devotion

In three steps, it transforms your whole life and puts into a forward-running success-to-success motion.

You can read more about how devotion can make your life magical – here.

Other than this, I give Online Coaching service to individuals and businesses. Read about my services.

I also write all this in Kannada.

If you have any question, ask me on Facebook & Twitter.

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