2 simple tricks to cure writer’s block

writer block cure

You plan to write every day.

On a fine morning, you open your notebook, or a Macbook, to write something and oh! – the mind has gone blank.

Then you force yourself to think something and nothing comes out – until you’re frustrated and close the notebook. Happens to everyone. 

And there are other times when you suddenly get up at night, grab the notebook and go on scribbling, and hours go by before you finish what you started.

Again, this happens to every writer.

But when you are in the business of writing, you cannot afford to wait for writing to happen to you.

You need to get that juice flowing. Like whenever you turn the tap on, it should start flowing.

How to do that? I genuinely don’t know.

I don’t know how to turn the tap whenever I want so that the creative juice starts flowing. Out of the blue.

But I know two methods that certainly press that button that urges me to write. It may not be the same topic I intended to write about – but something new.

So, the first method is – hand-copying.

Whenever I have something to write but nothing is coming on to the paper, I’ll start hand-copying something – an advertisement, an article or a chapter from a book. (Hand-copying is copying something already written using a pen and paper.)

And in the process of hand-copying, something clicks inside, inspiring me to write my own stuff.

And the second method is – Reading

Reading related stuff.

For example, if you have a project to write on Personal Branding, go read a book or an article on personal branding, or listen to a podcast. Or a Youtube video.

When you are consuming the content created by others, there will be some insights that prompt you to write.

These methods are simple but are highly effective. 

Because they’re so simple, a lot of people don’t do them. But if you do them, they’ll give you big results.


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